1000 bucks and 75 years later…

How has 20-10 gone for you so far?

Everything you hoped it would be?  And, perhaps, more?

Well….it is all in the eye of the beholder, eh?

My first weekend of 20-10 started like this.

Our car was overheating….in negative degree wind chill weather in Minnesota on a Sunday morning, heading north to visit my sister and her husband to watch some football.  We opted out of continuing our journey and chose to go to the car mechanic the next day to see what was going on.

$1,000 and several “wasted” hours (and a week) later, I had to let out a chuckle.  20-10 was supposed to start out “great”, was going to be the year/decade to lift the curse of all those crazy quirks in our life that were inadvertantly “unexpected”. 

Yet, this year started out like any other day, weekend, month, year should, right? 

The thing that brought me out of my new year’s “funk”, with the newly purchased $1K worth of car expenditures, was the fact that we had to get our car fixed, in order to get down to Iowa to see my Dad and celebrate a benchmark moment in his life.

My father, a proud German farmer of most of his lifetime, had just turned 75-years-old and my siblings and I were going to honor his life altogether as a family.  I didn’t want to miss it for the world.

As I paid my lovely $1K bill, somewhat begrudgingly, the attendant behind the desk, obviously intune with my doldrums, silently said:

“Not that I want to compete with you or anything” he consoled as I pondered where my money was going to, “but my dad just died yesterday.”


My heart sunk.

Here I was complaining about spending an unexpected chunk of change and this young man didn’t have a father to go see to celebrate his birthday….rather, another type of occasion.

Amazing what perspective can do to you, isn’t it?

Just like this past week, with the earthquake in Haiti….no matter what “storm” comes my way, I can be thankful that I am not stuck underneath a pile of rubble, unable to breathe, eat or drink clean water.  

I am blessed….even if it means I get to lay down a bunch of cash in order to go see my Dad a few hundred miles away.  At least I have that change and at least I have my Dad.

Whatever you may find as your latest “storm” or obstacle, I hope you can find that gentle reminder that keeps your perspective on the bigger picture and the equilibration of certainty:  There will always be someone with a bigger jet and always someone with a deeper hole of pain/hurt/sorrow. 

That, my friend, you can count on no matter what. 
That is something you can’t put a price on.

henry and grandpa 150x150 1000 bucks and 75 years later...

Henry and Grandpa at his 75th birthday

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