$4 A Day Can Change Your Life

Many people I talk to believe that health comes with a cost….and that is true.

The cost is very expensive if you don’t take care of your nutrition, your fitness and your mental/emotional stress.

The best way (and most cost effective way) I have found to be proactive and take care of my health is through Shakeology.

Shakeology is my healthiest meal of the day most days – primarily because of my busy life as a mom/wife/business owner/athlete.

I reach for my shake instead of going through the drive through or randomly grabbing an unhealthy snack on the go.

It does cost $4 (ghasp!) which shocks some, but shouldn’t.    I always ask, “How much does your doctor cost every time you see him/her?”

Or “How much does cholesterol or blood pressure medication cost?”

Or   “What would your life be like with more energy/health/balance?”

How much is your life worth?   (hopefully you said, “More than $4 a day!”)

Shakeology does all of that….for the all too low price of $4.

No other shake can do that.

Here is what one doctor says about how Shakeology can transform your health for just $4 a day!

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