A Winning Day

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Lois Crossing The Finish Line

Have you ever won a race?

Or maybe finished first in something?

Perhaps you got a blue ribbon at the county fair or won a spelling bee as a kid.  Or maybe you finished first in a track meet or basketball championship.  Perhaps you got first in your company in sales or you were the first person to respond to “I dare you to eat that….” winning the respect of your friends. 

Winning can come in many different kinds of varieties, can’t it? 

I’ve even heard different phrases and perspectives about winning, such as: “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing….”  And  “It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how you play the game”

There are lots of perspectives on what winning means – but I think what matters most, is what does it mean to you?

This last weekend I got first place female in a 5K race – my first true competitive contest since having a baby a year ago (and first real race in nearly two years – since my last “first” place).  I was a bit surprised by my placing first, as I hadn’t planned on it.  Didn’t fully expect it – at least not until I was on my second loop of the two-loop course and didn’t really remember seeing too many (if any) females ahead of me.

The cool thing was that I didn’t win anything for it.  I simply got a warm and fuzzy feeling inside of me.  I felt a bit of peace (not to mention pride) inside considering where I have been this past couple of years. 
I had been pregnant, very sick with the pregnancy, delivering a baby, raising a baby, moving across country, starting a new business, coaching new athletes and starting over as an athlete myself.  My past year of slow (and sometimes painful) recovery and base building had paid off.  I had not given up my fit self – just had taken the focus off for a couple years – and was now making my come back. 
Possibly even better than ever.  Time will tell on that.

I did not go into this race planning on winning it.  I went in to have fun, stay fit and support some of my triathletes that I am currently coaching for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  My motives were pure and I was pleased with the outcome.  Winning doesn’t always happen and I was able to relish in my accomplishment.

I guess the point I am wanting to make here is this.  Sometimes our greatest “wins” are not planned or strategized.  Even in these tougher economic times, there are wins to be had.  Although these wins may have to be worked at more diligently, as in the case of my own come back from a baby, it is the journey that surrounds the making of that win all the more fruitful and compelling of a story.  Life is in the details.  And sometimes those details suck, quite frankly, AND yet when you cross that finish line and look back at what you just accomplished…..the reward is so sweet – no matter how big or small.  Embrace that.  Enjoy it – even if but for a moment.  Smile.  Laugh.  Recognize the opportunity.

That’s what makes for a winning day.  I hope your next “win” gives you a sense of joy, normalcy or just plain relief from all the “loss” that might be surrounding you these days (if that is your experience). 

Here’s to you!

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