Are You Listening To Your Body’s Signals?

This past weekend I had one of the worst night’s of sleep since my baby was born a year ago…..and it had nothing to do with my baby. 

It had everything to do with my diet the previous day.

I tossed and turned every hour on the hour, got up several times to have a drink of water and had some really crazy dreams involving hospitals.

Turns out, that I:

1.  Didn’t hydrate enough (even after running 7 miles for my half-marathon training)

2.  Devoured a whole Chipotle burrito after that run (yum!)

3.  Took in enough beef/white bread and alcohol/sweets that night to feed a small army

Essentially, I did everything I know that is not effective in taking care of my body.  Oh, boy, did I enjoy it during the process.

This morning and throughout the night was a different process that I didn’t really enjoy.

Now, after my morning yoga, and as I detox and recover from my food/alcohol/sweets hangover, it is nothing short of irony that I stumbled upon an article in Experience Life magazine entitled, “What Your Body Is Trying To Tell You.”

The article focuses on the different signals our body sends us when we are not taking care of ourselves – not eating right, not sleeping enough/too much, drinking too much caffeine, taking in too much sugar, etc., etc.

Have you ever had headaches?  Itchy ears/throat?  Sinus congestion? Dry, chapped lips?  Constipation?  Gas? 

I know I have.  And it doesn’t have to be allergy season or the holidays (high time to eat “bad”) for me to experience these symptoms.

If you are having any of these symptoms, please read this article,

I hope it helps!  And I hope you learn something new or are reminded of something you had fallen away from.  Now is your opportunity to get back to that healthy habit and/or lifestyle.  It doesn’t have to be new year’s resolution time to get to that place.


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