NEXT CALL: The benefits of cross training

How is your running going?    You injury free?   Feeling fresh and race ready?

Are you hitting your goal with the training plan you have in place?

What are your goals? 

Qualify for Boston?   Finish that 5k faster?  Simply finish a season injury free?

As an Ironman Triathlete and avid marathoner, I have learned the secrets to success as an athlete involve a lot more than just running/biking/swimming – there are special techniques and training tips that can get you to where you want to go without injury, with more energy and achieving your goals with amazing accuracy.

Join me on Sunday, June 26th at 8 pm EDT/5 pm PDT for more information on how YOU can create more success in your own training with some of the top secret cross training techniques you’ll want/need to get you to where you want to be in 2011 and beyond!

On this call you will learn:

1.   The Top 3 Cross Training Techniques For Running Success

2.   Learn How To Stay Injury Free

3.   How To Manage Your Time With Cross Training Into Your Routine

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Title: EPISODE3 – LTKFITNESS’s 5k Training Weekly Call
Time: 06/26/2011 08:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Cross training with special guest marathoner/Boston Marathon qualifier and fellow mom, Rhonda Barth Layton. Both Lois and Rhonda will share how cross training has allowed them to be long term athletes, qualify for Boston, lose weight faster and still love to train!


Rhonda’s bio:

“In May 2010, I was an average 35-year runner.  I finished most races in the middle of the pack.  I always had strong determination, but lacked the athleticism to accomplish the number one goal I had as a marathon runner – to qualify for The Boston Marathon.  Everything changed when my brother introduced me to a home DVD program called Insanity.  Imagine a HOME DVD that promised to take my fitness to a new level in just 60 days!
I committed myself 100 percent to the program and the nutrition guidelines.  I was focused, diligent and driven.  I lost three pounds the first week and knew this is what I needed to commit myself to if I was going to qualify for Boston by December 2010.  In just 60 days, I lost 12 pounds, dropped one pants size, lost four percent body fat and for the first time in my life I considered myself the athlete I longed to be.  Insanity not only gave me the physical tools to get leaner and become a faster runner, but I became incredibly empowered by achieving my goal.  The intensity of the interval training gave me the mental toughness and steadfast determination that a runner needs run a successful 26.2 miles.
In just 60 days, Insanity provided a solid fitness level that I needed as an endurance athlete.  Using Insanity as my main cross-trainin when marathon training began was the perfect mix for successfully accomplishing my lifelong goal in December.  Today, I’m not average.  I’m an athlete because I just pushed play.”
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