Cross Training/Injury Prevention Call

Tis the season in Minnesota (and possibly wherever you may be) for cross training!

The snow is about to fly here and you might not want to go outdoors as often to work out – a lot of folks move indoors here in our part of the country.

How about you?

This is a great opportunity to maybe take some time off, but more importantly, also, time to cross train!

Perhaps, maybe you struggle with injuries, want to prevent them from happening or simply want to get faster, lose weight, have a fun variety in your running routine or learn some running trade secrets – then this call about cross training is for you!

Listen in as Ironman Triathlete and Beachbody Coach Lois Tiedemann Koffi & Boston Marathon qualifier and Beachbody Coach Rhonda Barth Layton share their stories and passion for runners and athletes of all ages!

CLICK HERE for a great, FREE winter cross training Saturday morning option that I have here in Minneapolis every week

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