Day 1 – Ten Minute Trainer

What is your biggest challenge with working out?

Is it money?   Time?   Finding the right workout for you?

If you answered time (or all 3), you aren’t alone.

Even as a personal trainer and running expert, I myself have found challenges fitting in exercise into my daily schedule a  mom/wife, business owner, friend, colleague, etc., etc.   Not to mention trying to take care of the house, traveling on the road and more!

Today, my husband and I started a new workout routine called 10 Minute Trainer - a video by Tony Horton and Beachbody.  

Today was the first day of four weeks’ worth of amazing workouts.    I mean, really, how can I not find ten minutes to workout every day?

The five workouts include:   abs, total body, yoga flex, lower body and cardio- all the major components of a strength/cardio workout routine.

Today I did the cardio 10 minute video and the abs 10 minutes.  Simple, easy AND effective.  All in the comfort of my own home – no drive to the gym, no traffic, no wardrobe change, no locker room visit.   I loved it!

I can’t wait until tomorrow!    Stay tuned…..this is day one and I will post my daily journey online for accountability and inspiration!

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