Day 4, Week 1 TMT

Hello Day 4!   

Today is another busy day, I’m not going to lie.   I taught boot camp at 6 a.m., had morning meetings, several coach calls with clients and am delivering flyers door to door for my next fit club kickoff next week Wednesday.  Whew!   I’m tired just typing all that….but get to save some energy to coach my runners for some hills tonight.  Yeehaw!

Sooooo, needless to say, my time was short for my very own workout…..BUT not to worry!   Not with 10 Minute Trainer as my choice workout!   

Today, I chose (based on my energy level/output) to do just one of the 3-10 minute DVD’s.  I chose to do the abs workout – 20 total ab moves that target ALL the areas of the rectus abdominus in just 10 minutes!   I loved it – fit it in between two coach calls and catching up with my husband in the middle of the day.   Had my pre workout Shakeology and post workout banana and veggie pizza…….now it’s time to get back to work!    Never a dull moment……I feel good – I feel accomplished and not guilty for sparing only 10 minutes for myself to workout and take care of my body.

Have a great day and check in tomorrow for day 5!

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