Day 5, Week 1 TMT

Day 5 is done!

Another busy day – the summer is chock full of events, family outings/fun and just plain FUN!  I can’t imagine attempting to do anything more than 10-minute trainer right now!

My husband and I actually got to work out together today (first time since last week!)
and completed 2 out of the 3 10-minute videos. We started with total body, finished with lower body.   It was amazing how quickly we both built up a good sweat!  In just 20 minutes!    Throw in our toddler running circles around us while we were doing it and trying to walk away with our workout bands, and, well, you can about imagine!

Then I hit the ground running for the rest of the day – volunteering at a charity golf tournament and a few clients to serve amidst enjoying the beautiful outdoors – and I had zero guilt with geting my quick workout in this morning and still enjoying my day!

Here is one success story of a celebrity that completed the 10 minute trainer workout and lost 30 lbs!

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