Days 6 & 7, Week 1, TMT

I decided to bunch up my Day 6 & 7 (Saturday/Sunday) truthfully (honestly!) for the main reason that I only did one TMT workout on Saturday, which was the yoga flex.  TMT (a.k.a. 10 Minute Trainer) doesn’t really have an “off” day, so there are 7 straight days of workout potential.   I ended up taking Sunday off due to two reasons:   1.   We are in the process of moving and busily packing on the weekends and 2.  We chose, as a family, to enjoy beach time at Lake Harriet!    The weather was FABULOUS and we didn’t want to deprive ourselves of even another 10 minutes of the great outdoors!

The beauty of me admitting my skipping a day of the workouts is this:   It is totally OK to miss a workout once in a while.    Some athletes (myself in a past life) are so obsessive/compulsive about working out that a missed day is a total guilt trip that leads to nothing more than beating oneself up mentally nad creating some judgment/self loathing for doing so.   

I gave up that self loathing judgement years ago and have found a balance in life that I hope will carry through into my later years.   Some people choose to give up family time and/or other opportunities just to make sure they mark/check off that workout on their important list of to-dos.    I didn’t want o do that this weekend.  

So, there you have it!    I did the yoga flex 10 minutes on Saturday after my group run with my run club that morning.   I still feel great and well rested – ready to take on week 2 with Tony!

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