How To Finish Strong With Little Running

Today was a great testimony, as a runner/coach/mom/wife/business owner, in how to finish strong after many years of experience/knowledge and lessons learned through the ups/downs as an athlete.

Today I finished 7th place overall in the Women Run The Cities 5k, 2nd in my age division.

Now, while that may sound amazing in and of itself, it’s not really.  I have finished 1st, 3rd and 4th overall before.  I have even run much faster than my finishing time of 22 minutes 15 seconds many times before.

The amazing part for me was that I finished 5th in 22 minutes, 15 seconds, while having a cold attacking my body AND on 12 miles/week of running.

Now, THAT, to me is amazing.

The cool part is that I couldn’t do this alone, as in any great experience, this was not all about me.

First of all, only training 12 miles a week or so with my running club was an inspiration.   My runners kept me going and honest in my own training.  Oftentimes, as a coach/trainer, it is not always easy to get your own training in when you train people for a living.   It may sound easy to do, but it’s not.

Second of all, my cross training that I did was all about HIIT (high intensity interval training) with Insanity workout videos, great core strength/total body work with Tony Horton’s 10 minute trainer program and last, but not least, more functional fitness focus with Brazilian Butt Lift.   I did 5 workouts/week with some or all of these workouts the past few months.   I also threw in just a little yoga with Tony Horton’s Fountain of Youth yoga bonus workout.    Thank you Beachbody!    Cross training is key.
The videos themselves never lasted more than 55 minutes and actually the average of the workouts I did was 25 minutes or less (given the fact of the 10 minute trainer program).

That explains the first part of the fact that I was able to finish strong without that much running.   Normally, I would still shoot for 20 miles/week or more to complete a 5k at a 7 minute pace or less.   Didn’t have to go there this year.  Quality versus quantity.

The other part, having a cold attacking my immune system, was actually more concerning for me going into the race.

I have not been sick since April and the change in seasons, coupled with my son’s cold and everyone else I know being sick recently, I was not surprised that my system was not responding to some of my proactive immunity boosting measures (meditation, deep breathing, one Shakeology shake/day,  proper rest, lots of water).

Nope, I knew if I was going to have a decent race, I was going to have to pull out all the stops and kick this cold in record time.

Thursday was when it started to settle into my head/nose/throat and caused me to feel run down/fatigued.   Not cool.

1.  I upped my shakes a day to 2 servings almost every day after the symptoms kicked in.

2.  I had my good friend, Cyndee, send me an immunity boosting product, Silver Hydrosol.    Thank you Cyndee!

3.  I ramped up my Herbal Immune Boost pills.

4.   Cranked up the neti pot/saline solution daily use to 2x/day

5.   I called my naturopath, Dr. Becker, and received a killer immunity boost tincture.

6.    I ramped up my nightly sleep hours to 9-10 instead of 7-8.

7.   I had great support from my wonderful husband so that I could accomplish all of the above.

This all reminds me how no one succeeds alone and how grateful I am for all the “learning opportunities” I have had in the past that have taught me how to be proactive and supportive to my body.   All the injuries, all the illnesses, all the times I got to be reactive versus proactive with my health/well being.    This cold could have taken me down for a week or left me off a lot more worse for the wear.

My finish time today reflects something much differently.

And for that I am grateful!

I write this as an inspiration to YOU.    I hope that when life throws you a curve ball with your health, that you learn from it and find ways to be proactive in the future, versus reactive.   Create that balance in your body/mind/health that it craves (and deserves) to support YOU in whatever it is that you want to accomplish in life.   You don’t get to succumb to illness or just throw antibiotics or  medication at your body all the time.     There are other options – let me know if you want any free advice on what those options might be for YOU!

(Of course, the competitor in me wonders “What could my time have been if I had been healthy?” – BUT ruminating on the past is not usually a good idea!)

Here’s to your health, happiness and life balance today, tomorrow and many years to come!

Coach Lois


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