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This past week my son acquired a new book entitled, “I’m Thankful Each Day!”.  It has a very simplistic message, almost Oprah-esque (maybe too much so for some), about how the main character, a young boy, is thankful for everything.  My son, all of 13-months-old, actually sat through the entire reading – something he hadn’t done once at all with any other book.  I know it meant something for him.  Mommy liked that too.

My son has inspired me in many ways as he has grown to be a toddler.  I’m amazed at the fragility and vulnerability little ones come into the world with, how much trust they have in us to care for them and the total awe they possess when it comes to discovering the simple things – like little toys he can chew on and throw or the sunshine coming into the living room’s window that he stares at for a half an hour or going down the stairs in mommy’s arms and staring at the light fixtures, giggling as we go down every step.  He even played more with his birthday balloons for several weeks after the party than with his new toys.  Go figure.

It made me realize this past week, with a proverbial check up from the neck up, that I had temporarily lost that childlike wonder, or at least mostly forgot that I even had ”it”.  I had forgotten, as a grown up with loads of responsbilities such as work, clients, paying bills, accumulating debt, achieving things, that even though life at times seems unfair or we have a lot more things to be accountable for, there are so many things to just sit in wonder about and take the time to “stop and smell the roses”.  Lately, I don’t know about you, but I had found myself feeling a bit beaten down by some of life’s craziness during these economic times.  I guess we’ve all been there in some way.

But do I really want to stay there?  How long?

Not really.  Not any longer.

I thank God for my son, Henry, and his re-opening my eyes to the simplicities of life.  For without them, what would life really be about anyway?

Here’s the short story, “I’m Thankful Each Day!”, by P.K. Hallinan, that is Henry and my favorite.
I thought it might give you a boost this week, whatever season of life you may be in.  I wish you more than enough time and conscious effort (because it takes a lot of that these days) to keep moving forward, enjoying those precious moments of life, above all else.

“I’m thankful each day
For the blessings I see,
And for all of the gifts
That God’s given to me.

And counting the stars
At the edge of the sea,
I can’t help but feel
They were put there for me.

I’m thankful for summers
And warm golden days.

I’m thankful for autumns
Of orange pumpkin haze.

I’m thankful for meadows
And bright-colored flowers

I’m thankful for raindrops
And soft summer showers.

Each sunset is special…

Each sunrise is new.

Each breeze in the trees
Is a promise come true.

Each evening’s a wonder
Where beauty abounds

Each morning’s a harvest
Of new sights and sounds.

And it’s nice just to know
That beneath winter’s snow
The blossoms of springtime
Are beginning to grow.

I’m thankful for friends,
For laughing and sharing. . .

I’m thankful for family
For loving and caring.

I’m thankful for all
The kindness I see.

I’m thankful for peace
And for pure harmony.

My body’s a present
Of perfect design. . .

My mind is a power
As endless as time

And if ever I worry
That trouble is near,
I always remember
I’ve nothing to fear. . .

For each hour is laden
With God’s perfect love.

Each second brings comfort
And joy from above.

And I guess in the end
The best thing to say
Is I’m thankful for living. . .

I’m thankful each day!”

Well said, young man.  Well said.

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