Is Your Life A Marathon Or A Sprint?

Spring is about to have officially sprung (tomorrow in fact marks the first day of the start of the new Season).   Spring represents the time where farmers plant seeds for later harvest.  This is the “time to plant” as the old Byrds song, “Turn, Turn, Turn” says.  We are “turn”ing into that next quarter of 2008.  March Madness is in full swing.  Easter is even here the earliest it has been since 1918.  Where is the year going?  It seems to be sprinting by.

In the sports arena all across the country, this is typically the time where the outdoor track and field season really takes off.  The dust has been brushed off the old runnin’ shoes and people from all climates (not just athletes) find themselves outdoors more often and breaking out of the winter hibernation.

I wanted to pause and check in with you today and ask, Where are you at in this Season of your life?

Just as in the famed story about the tortoise and the hare, there are two types of mindsets I want to focus on and be conscious of this time of year, possibly now more than ever -  the sprinter mindset and the marathoner mindset.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Life is like a marathon – I see the whole distance and yet take one mile at a time, embracing every mile as I go along”;  or, maybe you have heard yourself or someone say, “My life is more like a sprint than a marathon – I see short sudden bursts as I go from day to day or event to event”.

The sprinter (a.k.a. the “hare”) mindset says,  “Alright!  We’re off to the races!  I’ve got a lot to get done and more daylight to do it in – so, let’s go!”  I saw that in my dad every Springtime on the farm and saw it in myself in the sports arena and in business as the first quarter ended and the weather warmed up.

Can you identify with that one?  Maybe you wanted to start that new project or that new diet or that new training program in January and all sorts of reasons came up in your mind that caused you to stop and say, “Naw, I’ll wait until Spring” or “Naw that new year’s resolution really didn’t mean that much to me”  or  “That project/diet/thing can start in the second quarter after I get some of the beginning of the year stuff out of the way”

And now that that time has come, the second quarter, the Springtime weather, the daylight increasing, the new sports season, etc., you are sprinting out of the chute to get it all done!  Feeling as though you might be a bit behind if you don’t put the pedal to the metal?

Than the marathoner mindset is still out there.  This is the mindset that plods along, the mindset that says “I am in it for the long haul”.  This is the long-slow-distance tortoise that knows the finish line is there and continues to move forward in spite of the hare/sprinter mentalities that are running around and around – literally running circles around the marathoner mindset.  The tortoise could care less for he knows that he will finish, just give him time and he will get there.

Can you identify with that one?  Maybe you started that project at the beginning of the year or that relationship or that workout regime and you are still feeling it out after the first three months, still going strong -slowly, but surely growing the business, the relationship or the routine and testing out the process, enjoying the journey.

I think I see both of those mindsets in myself every single day, if I am conscious of where my priorities are and where I get to put my energy.  Do I choose to sprint or be a marathoner on that project today?  Do I get to go fast and get it done quickly or is it time to be slower, methodical and have the long-term mindset?  Neither is good or bad, right or wrong – yet there is a balance of the two.

I share this with you this week because as you start this new Season of Spring, I want to encourage you to be conscious and aware of how you spend the time of your days as we progress in this second quarter of the year.  You get to choose how you think and move forward – will you be a sprinter in this moment or a marathoner?

Again, I believe there is time for both mindsets as long as you choose wisely and maintain a balance of both.  For me, I have found life truly is a marathon with a few short speed workouts mixed in throughout the week and that proverbial day of rest at the end.  That is when I am at my best, when I remember that.

If you want a complimentary coaching session to help you harness some of that hare energy and maintain the longhaul marathoner-tortoise mentality in the process, feel free to call me at 949-949-0399 and I’ll share 30 minutes of my own time to help encourage you as you run this race of life.  You have until Friday, March 21st, to schedule your free 30 minutes of coaching (HINT:  This is where the hare mindset energy is a good idea!).  I will give this offer to the first 3 people that call me by Friday at 5 p.m.

In timely fashion, I also want to wish you a Happy Easter week, as you think about the Easter bunny and the “hare” moments of your busy life, don’t forget to reflect and enjoy your friends, your family and the holiday focus.

Here’s to you!

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