Reason #9 For Running Transformation

This is a weekly continuation of a 10-week series of the top 10 running transformation tips.

9.  Running transforms your body. After coaching thousands of runners/walkers, I have seen literally thousands of pounds shed off of the bodies of people who found running to be their number one source of cardiovascular activity.   Not only does it help in moving your body and causing sweat to flow and your heart to pump, over 80% of runners say that as a result of their regular running routine, they found themselves eating healthier diets (actually eating more healthy foods, period.) and drinking more water than ever before. They would cut out sweets and sugar regularly because they did not like the way they felt or performed in their workouts/runs. Not only that, another benefit was that they slept better and often even more hours per night due to the heightened activity and desire to get their rest.

Stay tuned to next week for Tip #8!

Have a transformational week!

Yours in Transformational Success,

Lois Tiedemann Koffi

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