Running Transformation #2

2.  Expands your capacity to BE more – you get to be you and run like a kid again.  We were born to run (enter Bruce Springsteen song here).  Do you see kids walking slowly with their heads down, blasé about life?  Heck no!  They are like little running terrors whenever they can get away with it – squealing and laughing with precious delight.  We even choose to tell them to slow down (especially around the swimming pool) so they don’t fall, run into things and get hurt.  We adults sure have become boring at times, haven’t we?!? 
Think about this as you go for your next run.  You were born to run.  The cave men did it, Shakespeare did it (“Bid me run and I will strive with things impossible”), kids do it – all ran because it was part of their very BEING, part of who they were and what helped bring about their best in their lives. 
Running not only allows you to be healthy and fit in mind and body, it also expands your Spirit of childlike innocence and play.  Go for a run with a little one sometime and BE reminded of that very thing.  Have fun.  Life.  Embrace your BEING you!

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