Running Transformation #4

4.  Gets you to explore a new world.   I have mentioned this a few times in previous reasons on how running can transform your life, however, I wanted to emphasize this one more time.  Running has allowed me to explore many new worlds.  I remember running at 5 a.m. in the spring time in Hong Kong while it seemed thousands of Chinese were practicing their early morning tai chi all around me.  I remember running the streets of Venice in the early morning hours, admiring all the architecture while the street sweepers swept their store fronts before they opened up for their day.  I remember trekking through unknown streets of Sydney, Australia, and “accidentally” stumbling upon the Sydney Harbor in all its glory one early morning – nearly taking my breath away.  I remember having a run in with a bicyclist on the streets of Oxford, England.  We both were shaken up a bit, however, he did, admittedly, have the right of way.  I just wasn’t used to having to share the sidewalk with anyone in that early, rain-filled morning.  I remember running the same stairs as Rocky Balboa after my Philadelphia Marathon.
I am not just meaning when I have traveled the world to experience a new world.  I remember when I was running my usual path in the Twin Cities along the mighty Mississippi and I decided to go “off-road” and entertain a new journey.  Little did I know that it would cause me to be creating my own rock-climbing wall experience down the way when I could find no other way to go other than into the river itself!  (This was in the middle of winter, so my rock climbing back up to the trail was more like mud climbing)
As Dr. Seuss said so graciously, “Oh the places you will go!”  I think he meant that for runners.  It is so true. 
Think about where you want to go next.  I guarantee you, if you have a creative mind, you will go a lot farther than just your own back yard.

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