Running Transformation #5

5.  Increases your amount of friendships – to a deeper level.  I have found that friends that run together, stay together.  Misery loves company on those long runs.  Life happens together when you sweat and pound the pavement side by side.  That’s what a running club or program offers at the deepest level.  You come together as a team and train alongside one another for weeks at a time, all for the same common goal of finishing.  Once you do, there is celebration together.  I still maintain all of my running club relationships from the Midwest to the Southwest and West Coast.  I have traveled and competed in relays and marathons with my fellow running club friends.  We call each other from coast to coast, time zone to time zone.  Wanting to know what has been going on in our lives – non-running related.  When you share in new jobs, new babies, new houses, new running shoes, new personal records and in the tragic moments of life (death, careers cut short, disease, etc), there is something transformational about those relationships that take it to the next level.  And nothing better than going for a run to share those moments, to reflect, to encourage, to cherish those moments of breathing hard and laughing just as hard.  That is what I have found through my running career and I hope the same for you and anyone that finds running to become a lifestyle and part of every day life.

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