Running Transformation #7

7.  Transforms your Soul

No matter what your Spiritual/religious beliefs, running itself transforms your Soul.  Depending on your background, this may be a touchy subject, nonetheless a very true one.  Whether you run to music or run to the sound of your heart beat, your Soul moves with you – everywhere your body goes.  Your Soul is a part of you and is who you truly are at the end of the day.  Whether you are a mom, dad, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, son, daughter, policeman, running coach, financial planner, realtor, etc., – none of those labels matter to your Soul.  It has no attachment to those trivial “names” or “labels” you carry.  Your Soul only cares about what gets you moving, what stirs “It” inside of your very being.  What makes you tick?  Gets you excited?  Carries you through to that next day, or, in this case, that next run?  One of my good friends, Shelley, owns a spin studio in Laguna Beach, CA, and her website sums it up as to what exercise does for you –  Running gets your heart beating, causes the sweat to pour and speaks to your Soul all at the same time.  THAT is what I am talking about! 
So the next time you are out for a run – may your favorite tune greet your heart and your feet as you move or (as in my case) may your breathing, your heartbeat, the sound of your feet and the ocean waves in the background create your own Soul-filled music!

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