How I Stopped Drinking Coffee, Juice & Soda (and changed my life!)

I used to be the first in line at Starbucks….every….single….day…for years….and years.

I used to shell out $4 minimum per day there – sometimes 2-3x/day – meetings, socializing, etc..

I used to drink chai lattes, skinny lattes (calorie/sugar conscious), coffee with cream and sugar – you
name it, I drank it.  

I then tried to be “health conscious” and switched to decaf, sugar free lates and
coffees – thinking that my health would improve over night.

Wrong answer!

I found that out when my first doctor diagnosed me with food allergies (wheat/gluten) and after
my second naturopath diagnosed me with hypothyroidism after my first child, that my obsession
with all things sugar and caffeine (including those fruity juices and adult beverages) was not really
helping my energy level or overall health/balance (or pocket book for that matter).    Even my consumption of alcohol, albeit pretty low (maybe one glass of wine per day) was impacting the healthy flora in my gut, causing me to have a dropped immunity and my energy level was down (too much caffeine and sugar) in a negative way.

I then learned that sugar causes everything from anxiety to depression to cancer and then some -the more I studied, the more I realize I didn’t know.

I decided to make a change (and start saving some change!).

And, just like every other time you or I get clear about making a change or setting
goals, the answer appeared.




What the heck is that, you might ask?

It is a delicious salad in a shake – filled with over 70 superfoods.  It has become my daily supplement (replacing a LOT of pills) and healthiest meal of the day, that has done the following for me:

-increased energy level (hypothyroidism cause major fatigue and an increase of energy was begining
to become next to impossible for me)
-stopped sugar cravings (now I only eat sugar when I want to have a rare treat)
-cleared up my complexion (yes, adult acne, begone!)
-improved my immunity (I was sick every month with a toddler in daycare…no more!)
-improved my physical fitness (now that I am healthier, I can work out easier)
-improved hair (my scalp had a LOT of dryness/itchiness – no more!)
-improved mental clarity (as a mom, I don’t need to say more on this one!)
-allowed me to make healtier/better choices (when my body has what it needs, I am more staisfied and don’t make many – if any – unhealthy choices/snacks)
-pain free periods/no PMS! (no cramping/bloating/excessive tiredness – men like this to!)
-less stress (internally, if I am feeling more balanced, it is reflected on the outside)
-look younger (the oxidative stress is reduced 45% and that impacts me at the cellular level, which can slow down the aging process)

I no longer drink coffee, juice or soda (except if I want to treat myself on a very rare occasion.  I share it with my toddler too – which I know will help his overall health and well being.   My whole family gets to experience the benefits together. 

Oh yeah and I save $$$ every month because of less caffeine-ated visits and Shakeology does replace one of my meals every single day!       

CLICK HERE to learn more about how Shakeology can transform/change YOUR life.  

All of this change happend to me in 30 days (One month!).   I’ve never seen anything like it.

I am also offering the Shakeology challenge all summer long!   If you choose to buy Shakeology for your own family, I will coach you FOR FREE for the first month – keeping you accountable in conusming your purchase, as well as basic health and fitness coaching.

What have you got to lose?


Skakeology is so confident that it will work – you can get your money back after 30 days if you don’t se any results.

SImply go to my website at: for more information and your first order that WILL change your life.   I promise.

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