“I have never felt as good as I have when working out with Lois!”

-Danielle, Stay-at-home mother of three young kids

“I’ve been really bad about posting lately with life being so crazy- but even tho so much is happening I managed to stay on track and give it 110% to the 21 day fix. I just finished my first round and am SO excited to share that I have lost 12 pounds and a total of 14.5 inches over my 21 day journey! I’m beginning round 2 today!! Quick thanks to Lois Tiedemann Koffi! I am so lucky and blessed to have you in my life not just as a Coach but as a friend! This was all made possible by your help !”
-Alex C, college student (no more freshman 15 very soon!!)

“Lois is the most inspiring trainer I have ever had – achieving my goal of completing my marathon was so much easier with her as my guide!” -Michael, Business Owner “I’m leaving tomorrow for Brazil, but I wanted to send you a quick note of thanks … I weighed in today at UNDER 150! 149.6, to be exact, but who’s counting? My BIG GOAL was to get below 150 before I went to Brazil. I did it. And, not only that, I feel fantastic. This is the best shape I’ve been in in 9 years. I am sooooo glad I started boot camp and stuck with it, even with the darn shoulder injury.”

-Renita V., mom/wife and career woman

“I lost 10 pounds in one month!  Lois really knows what she is doing!”

-Patricia, Mortgage professional

It WORKS!! After 6 weeks of meeting once a week with Coach Lois, 3 weeks of Shakeology and Brazil Butt Lift, I’ve lost 2 pounds and gained noticeable definition in my legs. My greatest accomplishment: less CELLULITE!! I can’t believe it! It’s almost gone! I’ve suffered from hail damage my whole life. I’ve tried group boot camps, videos and various workouts in the past and only got ‘thicker’. This is the only combo that has blasted it away and made me feel long, lean and toned. I took the ‘before’ pictures as soon as I received my DVDs and Shakeology in the mail. I can’t wait to be a ‘success story’! I’m so thankful for you, Lois! You have been such an awesome motivator, teacher and new friend.
Danielle Alexander, Graphic Designer,  www.daniellealexanderdesign.com

“With most trainers in the past, I would usually be sore and in pain for days after working out.  This is not at all the case with Lois’ workouts. I can bounce back much quicker and get greater results in less time!”

Dee, Business Systems Analyst

“I am a triathlete and a runner. My training has always been just to go out there and swim, bike, and run. For the last five years before I started Power 90 and Shakeology, I was always tired and injured. Last summer I had a stress fracture. After recovering from the stress fracture, I decided I needed to take my training in a new direction and prevent injuries and make myself stronger before my first Ironman this year. In January I started doing Power 90 and drinking Shakeology every day. I no longer had the stomach issues that plagued me before and I could cut back on my caffeine intake and not feel tired. I also become much stronger and more balanced. I ran my first half marathon at the end of February with absolutely no pain and essentially no soreness after the race. After 90 days, I have lost some weight and inches and remain injury free and stronger than ever. The Shakeology shakes are a huge help in my overall health. I will continue to use both Power 90 and Shakeology as I train for my Ironman.”

-Dawn G.


“I do everything Lois tells me to stay on track to reach my goals.  Having her as my run coach has helped improve not only physical health, but also my mental and spiritual.  Amazing!”

-Cherry, Translator

“My back pain has disappeared after one month with Lois’ workouts.  I sleep better than ever and have more energy throughout the day.  I’m a new woman!” -Dianne, Consultant


“I just wanted to quick send you a message to tell you how absolutely impressed I am with everything you are putting together for us as part of the Run for Blood 5K club. This is my first experience with a coach and I am just blown away by all the resources you’ve given us-the emails, the handouts, the calls (I’m just finishing up the one on nutrition!) the extra work out opportunities…amazing!! Thank you so much for your passion and for putting all the effort into the training. I’m really looking forward to the race and the rest of the training! Thanks again for all your preparation and hard work!”

-Nicole Ricker, Run For Blood 5k Participant


“If any of you want someone who is motivating, knowledgeable, funny, tough and all around amazing, you HAVE to check her out! She has everything from 1:1 training to Look Good Naked Training bootcamps to keeping you accountable to an at home Beachbody ® program, such as P90X®Brazil Butt Lift®Insanity®,TurboFire ®, etc.”

-Brooke, Counselor

“If you’re thinking of getting in shape and/or losing some weight or need some nutritional guidance, Lois is the best. She’s encouraging, non-judgemnental, kind, insightful, motivational, funny and full of knowledge. So glad I found her!” -Marti, Graphic Designer & Urban Farmer “In July I was invited to participate in Lois’s weight loss challenge. Due to some physical challenges and pain issues, I was a little reluctant because I didn’t believe that I could achieve much in the condition I was in but I accepted the invitation with a bit of excitement. Incredibly, with Lois’s coaching skills, wealth of knowledge, care and compassion, and by holding me accountable, I was able to lose 9 pounds in 3 weeks! Thanks Lois! You believed in me, taught me how to believe in myself, and I achieved my goal of 8 pounds plus a bonus pound lost! I still have a way to go on this weight loss journey, but I am forever grateful for the “spark” you ignited and I am forever a friend. You are awesome!”

-Cyndee P., Phoenix, AZ

“I would agree….it (the 3 day cleanse) was a great way to experience how the deliberate consumption of good foods in limited form can sustain you. I am pretty cautious with what i consume, but within this can easily over eat salty (but good for you) foods. Olives, nuts, etc. It was a great way to remember that I can have some berries, an apple, grapefruit, veggies, etc, for lunch along with some water and tea and feel fulll and energized. Great experience, I would recommend it to anyone as a way to assess their current habits…plus I was down 4.5 pounds by the end of it!”

-Josh Zuehlke, Realtor

“I definitely learned I can sustain myself and even have more energy by consuming less calories, but healthier options! I am aiming for maintaining smaller portions and more vegetables in my diet….along with continuing having a shake a day!”

- Karlene, IM Triathlete about the 3 day Cleanse


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