Top 10 Natural Weight Loss Tips

natural weight loss foods2 300x300 Top 10 Natural Weight Loss TipsHere are my top 10 natural weight loss tips – safe and healthy ways to lose weight.  These tips are for every-body, literally.  Whether you just had a baby, you are going back for your 20-year class reunion or you just want to add more years to your life and have more energy – these tips can serve as a guide to your own best weight loss program!

1.  Find something you love and get your body moving.  This is 50% of the equation of weight loss right here.  Ask yourself, “Self, what do I enjoy most when it comes to exercise?”  Whether it is dancing, running, walking, biking, hiking, swimming, squash, tennis, basketball…..the sky is the limit!  I dare you to say you don’t have anything that you like that gets your body moving.  You wouldn’t be human if you said that – it’s just not normal.   Look at kids who love to run and play – become a kid again and play!

2.  Join a gym.  In most cities and even small towns there is at least one or two health club chains.  Every college even has a fitness center that is open to the public nowadays.  Due to the fierce competition many gyms have gotten rid of the high enrollment/sign-up fees and lowered their monthly dues to all time lows.  You can even get a part-time job at the gym – surrounding yourself with fitness even more – and get a FREE membership.  No “I don’t have the money” excuses here!  Where there is a will, there is a way!

3.  Join a club or league.  Whether it be a running or hiking club or a softball or soccer league – you can find almost any type of exercise club or league that goes year-round.   Don’t let the weather be your excuse!  Most clubs have training programs that are cost effective and last for several weeks and many clubs are nearly free.

4.  Have an accountability partner or hire a coach/trainer.  If you aren’t able to join a team or sign up for a group program or you want faster, longer lasting results, having regimented accountability is going to help you more than anything else.  No one succeeds alone.  I’ve almost always had a coach or an accountability person in my life when it comes to my health.  It might mean you get to invest a little money into your goal – and that usually means you’ll be more accountable to the end result.  I charge $80 an hour for my clients and I can guarantee that you will learn habits that save you more than that in a very short period of time.  You’ll have to buy a new wardrobe anyway after you lose that weight – so start saving and investing now in your most valuable asset – YOU!

5.  Have 5-7 small, healthy, nourishing meals a day.  This is the other 50% of the weight loss equation right here  (see #1 above for the other half).  Normally I would say “Eat a healthy breakfast”, but then two things happen.  Either you love breakfast or you hate it and if you hate it, then you won’t eat it.  Or, on the flip side, you may eat a HUGE breakfast and then not eat again for several hours.  BIG MISTAKE!  Keep your metabolism going by eating 5-7 small meals a day (200-300 calories each – depending on your goals and your exercise plan).   This is actually easier than you might think.  My 18-month-old son does it and he is one lean, mean, toddler machine!  Just like him, eating that much a day will give you more energy for you to burn those calories you want to burn.  You can’t keep running on an empty tank.  Once you starve yourself and eat fewer meals, that’s when your body says “Hmmmm….I better store more of that fat since I don’t know when I’ll eat again…..”

6.  Do a cleanse 2-3 times per year – depending on the type of cleanse you do (you can get by with 2 or less).  Cleansing is a very natural thing for our bodies to do on their own, however, due to stress, eating habits, travel, etc., etc. our bodies definitely can use some outside support in this area.  That is why I do an all natural cleanse 2-3 times a year.  This is something I had to test out and research for YEARS before I found the best cleanse that works for me.  Just do a google search for the word “cleanse” and let me know if you need any help!

7.  Shop at grocery stores more, eat out less often.  I found out how much money I could save by eating more at home – but the biggest benefit (outside of the money saved) is that you know what is in your food and that it is all good for you if you are in control of all the ingredients and products.   I actually lost most of my post-baby weight because of this.  Maybe the economic times are tough now….but the benefits of that and eating out less often could save your life and save you money!

8.  Support your immune system as naturally as possible.  I do this in several ways – visit my chiropractor at least twice a month, visit the gym 2-3 times per week, practice yoga, get a massage, take my supplements – ranging from Omega 3′s to Probiotics to Natural Greens, drink lots of water every day (at least half your weight in ounces, especially if you are exercising), meditate, laugh – watch funny movies, spend time with ones I love, get 7-8 hours of sleep per night, drink Decaf (less caffeine overall)……the list can go on – but I’ll leave it at that.  I think you get the idea.

9.  Remember to remember anything worth doing, and doing well, is going to take time, commitment, blood, sweat and tears.  You are going to get frustrated.  You are going to want to give up.  You are going to want the weight loss to happen over night, or in a week or better.  NOT realistic.  No matter what the magazines and infomercials say – lifestyle and habit transformations can take up to 30 days (at bare minimum) to a year (more of a reality here).  Tracking your results and keeping a journal will help you pass the time – who knows, you may have a book in there somewhere!  Or a blog!  You may just inspire others with your own journey.

10.  Just do it!  A lot of people talk about losing weight or read the articles, do the research….but that’s the easiest part.  Just do it already!  Get moving – get support – get to that finish line!  You CAN do it and it will ultimately give more life to your years, and possibly even more years to your life!  Now, how about them apples?

Enjoy the journey as much as you can……for that is where most of our life is – not the destination.

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