Top 10 Reasons How Running Can Transform Your Life

This week I am launching a 10-week series of how running can transform your life.   This series was inspired by my running club group and one of my favorite running coaches of all time, Bill Bowerman (of Nike fame and University of Oregon track coach in the 70s)
“Running, one might say, is an absurd past-time to be exhausting one’s self, however, if you can find meaning in the kind of running it takes to be on this team, perhaps you can find meaning in that other absurd past-time, called life.”
-Bill Bowerman

10. Boosts your financial net worth. It’s a proven fact that runners and triathletes (mostly endurance in nature) are the universally highest grossing income earners and have the highest net worth of all athletes over a lifetime. (And most people would think that the NBA and NFL would qualify at the top of this list). Why is this? The disciplines fostered in both running and triathlon are highly duplicatable/desireable to be a success in business and fulfilled overall in life. When I trained for my marathons and triathlons in my 20s, this very fact did not escape me. I saw that almost all of my fellow athletes were working out at any/all hours of the day due to their own business savvy endeavors and sizeable incomes. Six-figure incomes in multiplicity were to be had by many, if not all, of us. To train for a triathlon or a marathon takes amazing time management, as well as a budget to do so. And I saw it for myself, as I was making six-figures by age 23 due to the fact (I believe) that I was able to balance my personal and professional careers by the level of time and commitment I gave to my physical fitness side of life.
How is this the case? Money flows to people a lot easier when stress is not a part of the equation. Life, both personally and professionally, is just a lot easier, period, when you are organized, disciplined and the creative juices are flowing – and nothing does that better than running. Next time you hear someone wants to make more money or have time freedom, tell them to start running with a run club or a training program that gives them the tools to take their lives (and pocketbooks) to the next level.

Stay tuned to next week for Reason #9

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