How To Transition To Indoor Running During Winter

Alas, it is that time of year, the time we Minnesotans get to bundle up as we head out the door to face Old Man Winter.

But does that mean you continue your outdoor running?

Or do you take it inside for the winter months?

Now, I personally love running straight the the winter, however, I know not everyone enjoys the cold and thought of wearing specific layers to stave off the frostbite?

You can do a variety of things.  Here are just a few quick tips to make the outdoor to indoor transition easier.

1.   Do intervals on the treadmill – mix it up.   After a short warm up of 5 minutes, do short bursts of speed for 20-30 seconds with a 5-10 second break.   Then repeat for 10-15 minute with a short cool down.

2.   Do intervals on the elliptical to mix it up from the treadmill.

3.   Mix it up and do the many different training programs on the treadmill – hill training is great and perfect for strengthening different muscle groups.

4.   Create circuit stations for yourself – run 5 minutes on the treadmill, then hop off and do 20 push ups, hop back on the treadmill for 5 minutes, hop off and do 20 burpees, another 5 on the treadmill, hop off and do 20 crunches, etc.

5.  Cross training is man’s best friend when it comes to the longevity of a running “career”.   It is not best to run year round.   Go to a spin class.  Hit boot camp.   Try yoga.   Mix it up for both your body and your mind!

CLICK HERE for more ideas on how to stay motivated and in shape through the long Minnesota winter months.

Here’s to your health!

Coach Lois

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