Week 1, Day 2 – 10 Minute Trainer (TMT)

It’s day 2! 

I started my day out coaching my runners for nearly an hour’s worth of intervals, warm up and cool down, stretch – soooooo, needless to say I got to do a 2-a-day workout by having the 10 minute trainer workout with Tony as my second workout late in the day.

I was able to complete the recommended 10 minutes of the day  – the total body workout – and chose to forego the other two optional 10 minute workouts (no need to push it on a day where I already did 60 minutes of hard cardio).   There was everything from push ups to sit ups with the band to squats with the band and then some.  There is no resting in this 10 minutes – just total movement. 

My upper body probably felt it the most – which is probably my weakest area in my whole body, so it was rewarding to finish feeling accomplished in just 10 minutes (plus 2 minute warm up, 2 minute cool down).  

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s workout!

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