Week 2, Day 1 TMT

Week 2 has begun! I can’t believe it, but I am still sore from lower body, which I did late last week – nearly 4 days later! That tells me that my body (lower extremity) definitely deserves some attention. All of my running definitely has an impact on my legs and I am so glad that the 10 minute trainer has helped me remember to remember that!

But today, I don’t get to do lower body yet (whew!). That’s tomorrow.

Today, outside of a 3.3 mile run, I chose to do 2 out of the 3 10-minute workouts – Total body and Abs. Total body was a nice warm up to the abs workout. I’ve done the abs workout several times now and STILL can’t believe how it makes me sweat, grunt, groan and forces me to take a break! And I train people for core specific workouts!!! AMAZING!

In week 2 (just starting), I can already tell that my abs are stronger!

I’m excited for tomorrow (lower body and all!)

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