Week 2, Days 4 & 5 TMT

I am really loving 10 Minute Trainer – this program is so easy to incorporate into my daily life and keep me honest with my strength training program!

Thursday gave me two of my FAVORITE 10 minute dvd’s – Lower Body & Abs. I hurt so bad after the first day of both of them, but now they are much easier for me. My body LOVES them! I did the lower body workout with my toddler (no joke!) in the morning before bringing him to daycare. He helped switch out the bands with me – so cute!

After lunch, I tackled the abs workout -knowing that I had to run an hour with my run club that night. I wanted to have some time to “recover” from the abs before the run!

Later, when I did my run, I felt that the two workouts I did earlier in the day were great warm ups for this workout. I definitely felt tired at the end of the day – but happy!

Friday ended up being just a roller blade day for me, giving my legs some lateral movement – something different. No TMT that day!

Onward and upward!

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