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I was standing in line at Target the other day and my eyes quickly scanned the magazines/tabloids (those ever so tempting last minute purchase items that scream “buy me!”). A line suddenly caught my attention that shocked me.

“Lose 13 pounds a week on this great European fad diet!”
 Best Weight Loss Program
13 pounds by itself wasn’t exactly what shocked me the most.

“A week” was what caused my jaw to drop and my head to shake from side to side. Throw in an uttered “Oh my gosh……” and you get the idea of what my initial thoughts were. Another fast weight loss fad that could go so awfully wrong…

I almost bought the magazine just to read about this so-called latest and greatest weight loss program. Did it involve giving birth to a child, I thought? Or did you starve yourself for a week while climbing Mt. Fuji, perhaps?

Then I realized that almost every single magazine at the check out stand had some heading or title that alluded to something weight loss related.

“Best Weight Loss Program”

“Get Flat Abs….Fast!”

“Drop 2 Pants’ Sizes In A Week!”

I know I shouldn’t be surprised, however, the scary thing is that people are buying these magazines…..and the supply keeps coming since the demand always seems to be there. Ironically, if one doesn’t immediately work, then the next mag is purchased with the next “fast track” plan and on and on and on.

But what really is the best weight loss program? Does it really make sense to lose 13 pounds in a week or drop two pants’ sizes in seven days?

What do you think?

I don’t think that there is really one “magic” answer for everyone – the key is to be willing to find the “right” one for YOU!

The fact of the matter is, our country as a whole has not gotten any skinnier with all of these fad diets found online or in magazines looking for fast weight loss – nor have the trendy infomercial DVD’ workout programs or machines catapulted our country into shape.

In the past 20 years, according to the CDC, our country has had a large increase in obesity.

“Thirty-three states (out of 50) had a prevalence equal to or greater than 25%” of the population being obese. Obesity is defined as having a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or greater.

The CDC also reports that childhood obesity has tripled in the past 30 years. Parents are leading their children down the same path they are. Now that I am a parent, I am even more conscious of what type of an example I am setting for my own children.

While I have helped many people lose weight through healthy weight loss plans, I will admit that I have never really struggled with weight loss myself. Although when I gained 30 pounds while being pregnant, I will say that I was concerned with how my body would respond to the weight gain. However, after my baby was born, the shocking thing was that with the right amount of exercise and a healthy eating lifestyle (even healthier than before pregnancy), I actually not only shed those 30 pounds….I lost 12 more with it! (Don’t hate me……)

While everyone is looking for “the magic weight loss pills”, I am not really sure that there is one…and while weight loss surgery has helped many and can be a solid alternative (I have friends who have found success with this), I’m not so sure that that is the number one choice for most Americans (either psychologically or economically).

So I want to leave you with my own Top 10 Natural Weight Loss Tips list. Sure, there are lots of lists out there and I simply want to share mine with you so you have another perspective – maybe learn and apply something new – even if it is just one thing. These are the best of the best that I have helped many of my own fitness clients with (because, yes, there are many more than 10 tips to safe and natural weight loss). I’d be happy to hear your own tips, as well as your own weight loss results.

Enjoy the journey! I encourage you to remain open and do your own research – don’t trust just any article (including this one!). Let your body decide the results for you – after you make the choices to get you to that finish line of your very own “Best weight loss program”.

Top 10 Natural Weight Loss Tips


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