What do I use for workout recovery?

What do I use for workout recovery?

The post workout/exercise “fuel” you use to refuel your body with to recover is vitally imporant.

Why is that?

The tearing down and ripping of your muscles while you workout can cause damage if not recoverd properly – partially why we do a cool down jog and/or stretch right after the workout.

Your body needs protein and/or some type of amino acid to rebuild the muscles and repair your cells in order to grow, heal and be ready to go the next time you work out.

What happens if you don’t use some type of recovery fuel?

1.  You can get injured

2.  You can get sick/ill

3.   You can inhibit your ability to get faster, stronger

There is a 30-60 minute window after your workout (no matter how short or long the workout) where you need to replenish your stores.  That is the optimal time to give your body the recovery it deserves to further accomplish your training goals and overall health.

What is best to refuel with?

Make sure to have some protein and around 100-200 calories is plenty.

Chocolate milk is a great option, as well as some recovery drinks out there.

P90X Results and Recovery Formula is my favorite option. 

Gatorade has some recovery fuel, but make sure you dilute it a bit with some water if you can not to have as much sugar.

You can eat a whole meal if it is that time of day for you to do so -there is no rule against that.

Let me know if you have any questions -I hope this helps!

Happy training!

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